Monday, November 02, 2009

Personal Notes on Tino

Tropical depression Tino came right after Santi (No pun intended. Santi -Tino). Pag-asa has already elevated this to tropical depression status and has already issued 2 bulletins. Other international weather agencies however have yet to issue their own bulletins. JTWC is only issuing a tropical cyclone formation alert (which i have posted here). The area where this is located at the moment is not conducive to the development of typhoons. More likely, Tino will have a burst of strength for a brief period of time but will immediately die down. One thing for sure though, Tino will bring rain along its path and therefore residents in danger of flooding and landslide should continue monitoring Tino's development.

Note: The blogger is not a professional meteorologist. For official analysis, please check Pag-asa advisories.

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